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How to walk in high heels

Many women claim they never wear high heels because they find them uncomfortable and difficult to walk in. Instead of purchasing that chic pair of pumps, they opt for more simple flats because the task of walking in those killer stilettos seems daunting.


Walking in high heels is a lot simpler than many believe, and the key to perfecting your strut is practice. Here are a few steps that illustrate how to walk in high heels like a pro.

1. Work your way up to a bigger heel – Instead of starting off with a pair of six-inch strappy stilettos, choose a more modest pair of pumps with a two or three-inch heel.

Look for heels that are thick, and be sure there is some platform and height near the toe of the shoe as well. This will distribute your weight evenly, and the more solid platforms will allow for more balance.

Once you feel comfortable walking in high heels that have a shorter heel, you can work your way up – gradually – to the higher and slimmer heels.

2. Find a good quality shoe – Try on your desired pair of heels at the store first. Walk around a little, do a skip, hop or jog in them and make sure they feel comfortable on every part of your foot. If the shoes are made from a flimsy faux leather or plastic, there is the chance that they are not as well made and will dig into your toes or rub against the back of your ankle.

Make sure the heel on the shoe isn’t wobbly and that your foot isn’t slipping and sliding in it. Have a salesperson help you select the right size, and look at the bottom of the shoe to make sure there is traction. Rubber soles are a good choice because they grip the ground better and are therefore easier to walk in, and they prevent falls and breakage better than a cheaper quality shoe.

3. Practice – When you have your desired pair of heels in your grasp, the best way to learn how to walk in high heels is to do some walking! Wear them as you are getting ready in the morning, out to get the mail, and again when you come home at night. Practice walking down a long hallway as if you are on a runway. Remember to slowly walk heel toe, heel toe, rather than stomping down on the ground in a galloping fashion. Keep your back straight, your head up, and your arms at your sides.

In no time, you will be a pro at walking in those gorgeous high heels you’ve always desired. And if you are worried about your feet being sore after walking in high heels at a long event, invest in some sole inserts to keep your feet comfortable all through the night.

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Even though the end of fall 2016 fashion season is coming to an end there are several big-name shows that are and will make a full stop for this season.

Greatest fashion show out of them all is Chanel show that was held at Grand Palais. Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld transformed the Grand Palais and made a spectacle where many of the greatest celebrities and other wealthy women enjoyed the show.

    3330Chanel show was followed by the latest collection from Vanessa Seward and once again she presented modern chic Parisian women look. After Ms Seward the place was taken over by Iris van Herpen after whose show several parties were held.

    There have been many big moments in this fashion week that will remain in the memories of many people, and for those that missed them here is a reminder of several biggest moments.

Many people were nervous about debut of Demna Gvasalia, a Vetements designer, but the debut was big and successful. The collection he came out with that week exceeded all possible expectations. It had elements of  enchanting couture checked suits, tinsel (turtleneck) knits and so on. Many big names in fashion world said that successful debut was the biggest moment of the whole month.

    Chloe+Front+Row+Paris+Fashion+Week+Womenswear+3zjY44On1CklCat necklaces and dresses made from rubber bands were the major elements of Loewe collecting, created by designer Jonathan Anderson. The designer said that the collection reflects his thoughts about female art collectors.

Once again young talent will be awarded with 300 000 Euros and LVMH prize. Works of young designers were rated by famous designers and the competition is still underway. The winner will be announced later, sometimes in May, but the top nominees for the prize include names like Koche and Y/Project.

    Iris Apfel surprised many with her Iris in Paris exhibition as well as pop-up shop organized at Le Bon Marche. This 94 years old star had a really busy week in which she showed on several shows, dined with some of them and had a party that was organized in her honor by Jane D. Hartley who is American ambassador to France.

    Gaia Repossi, who is considered as the best artist in the jewelry design world held a presentation at Gagosian Gallery. Her new collection is inspired by staples and stitches and it was a huge success.Paris-Fashion-Week1

Iris Van Harpen once again presented a new and modern approach to the fashion. In a time when fashion designers fail to come up with new ideas Van Harpen came out with his collection that consisted out of many forward-thinking as well as intriguing elements like 3D printed fabrics and fully acrylic tubing. His show also included optical light screens that were used to magnify every dress from his collection.

The season was filled with collections that took on the big shoulders, but that was nothing if you compare it with exhibitions seen in collection from Vetements and Jacquemus. All those big shoulder pieces were reminiscent of Stop Making sense, which was a collection from 1984 by David Byrne.

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